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About Us
Mr. Troy's Carolina Twisted Sauces 
Troy's Carolina Twisted Sauces are born from a geniune love of grilling and barbecuing. After years of competing in various food-related events including KCBS barbecue competitions and the World Food Championships, Troy decided to forge out on a new venture - creating his signature sauces and rubs.
  •  Carolina Collision Sauce - A unique "collision" of eastern and western NC barbecue sauces. Upon tasting, you are immediately taken on a tour of NC barbecue flavors - you start with the spicy vinegar mix of eastern NC and then the subtle tomato sweet of western NC pulls you through to the back end heat. This twisted sweet heat, developed for competition, is a versatile sauce that is sure to impress your friends and family!
  • Carolina Gold Sauce - Not your typical mustard-based sauce! Tangy with a hint of citrus and tinge of heat, this sauce explodes with flavor when paired with seafood and white meats.