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Carolina Collison  BBQ Sauce
If you have ever lived in NC, then you know the difference between eastern vinegar and western tomato sauce and how much controversy it can cause at a cook out. With this all natural sauce, maybe we can ease the tension - It is a collision of both western nc tomato with sweet molassaes and eastern vinegar tang with red pepper heat. It is a multi-flavor blend that starts sweet and has a kiss of heat on the back end.
Carolina Gold Sauce
An ALL - natural sweet tangy mustard sauce with a hint of fruit and touch of heat. Use it to glaze a ham or as a bbq sauce for pork,chicken, or ribs.It's also good mixed with olive oil and tossed on a salad or a dipping sauce for just about everything. If you like a unique flavored sauce that's  gonna "wow" your friends, this is it.